Being in the military is something that offers many benefits to the service member and his or her family. Along with the feel-good feeling one gets by simply being a part of something bigger than one’s self, there are other benefits that are offered by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines. For instance, those in the service are eligible for health care, housing benefits, and other things that are offered on base or post. Also, there are many other benefits that service members are eligible for, and you may be missing out on some of them. Continue reading for seven military benefits that you may not know about.

1. Free Bag Check – Several years ago so much changed the way that we fly. One of those changes included paying for any luggage that you did not want to bring as a carry-on. Today, many airlines charge extra for checking your bag, and then you pay depending on the number of bags and weight of them. However, one benefit you have as a member of the military or a dependent is a free checked bag with many airlines.

2. Hotel Discounts-Another great travel benefit is the nice discounts that many hotels offer. Just by having a military ID card, many times you can save on your hotel stay. When you make your rooms, don’t forget to ask if there is a military discount.

3.  Disney Discounts – Do you have a thing for the mouse? If so, this benefit is quite nice. Disney appreciates its military and offers discounts on Disneyland and Disney World tickets. Each year they put out a special promotion, and you can buy tickets for up to 6 people for a fraction of the regular admission price.

4. Free Amusement-Along with Disney theme parks, other parks show their appreciation by offering perks to the military. Some theme parks and zoos offer free admission for military members. Some of them are even gracious enough to offer free or nicely discounted admission to their dependents or other family members.

5.  Communication Discounts-If you haven’t already asked your smart phone provider, you should find out if they offer a military discount. Many of the major carriers offer a certain percent off of the services or offer a discount in other ways.

6. Eat Cheaper-Many restaurants, both chain eateries and those that are individually owned like to show their appreciation to military members. They many times will offer a certain amount off of the meal, or extras like a free dessert or a free appetizer. And some restaurants even have loyalty programs just for the military families.

7. Save on Services-When you pay someone else to do various things, paying less is always nice. There are many companies that offer discounts to service members and their relationships. For appearance, you can find various benefits at gyms, tax services, cleaning companies, and more.

Also know you can save at military supply stores on things like flashlights or boots.  Now that you know what you can save money on when you are a part of the military, it can be helpful to know how to go about using them. One of the most important things about the benefits offered for military members is that these discounts aren’t always advertised. Because of this, you may have to ask. Also, make sure that you have your military ID card handy and ready to show if needed. You should know, too, that the benefits offered to you are not a right, they are a way for companies and people to show how much they appreciate the military. Use the tips that have been shared here and enjoy your military benefits.