When it comes to self-defense, there are many non-lethal weapons that are readily available on the market today. You don’t have to use lethal force to protect yourself if you don’t want to.

A military grade flashlight is an ideal option for self-defense. There is a variety of them available on the market today, and you can choose from them at your leisure.

There are many great benefits to a military grade flashlight. First of all, you’ll have a brilliant light with which to light your way. You can also use this brilliant light to temporarily blind a would-be attacker.

By shining your light into their face, you’ll temporarily blind them. If you do this right, you may be able to buy yourself a few minutes to escape a dangerous situation.

By doing this, you’ll be at the ready if you should need it. You won’t have to worry about fumbling with it in a dangerous situation¬†quickly. You’ll already know how to use it.

Flashlights are an ideal form of a non-lethal weapon. All you have to do is make sure your unit is charged (and most are rechargeable, so you just plug it in at home when not in use) and turn it on.

After you’ve turned it on you should put the wrist strap on and keep it near you at all times. These are ideal if you’re working a graveyard shift or a swing shift as well as if you’re out walking alone anywhere. These are also ideal if you have to go into an area that isn’t the safest.

Should you need it, all you have to do is press the button and press the unit against the would-be attacker. You don’t have to touch their skin to make it work; it will work through their clothing.

For best results use it on their abdomen, neck or groin area. However, it will work on any area of the body; these are just the most vulnerable.

After you use your stun gun, the would-be attacker will be on the ground in pain. While they are writing in pain, you need to make your get-a-way. This isn’t the time to stand there and admire your work; you need to make your escape and get help.

You will have a few short minutes to five minutes depending on the strength of your stun gun and where you used it on the would-be attacker.

Most of these come with a wrist strap that also has a disable pin so that you can disable the stun gun should a would-be attacker try to take it away from you and use it against you.

Other models also come with a personal alarm. When you pull the disable pin you may also set off a personal alarm instantly. This will send the would-be attacker scrambling away for sure. No would-be attacker wants to draw attention to them.

Most people select a model that has all four of these available. By choosing a model, check out best military flashlights – hybeam flashlight is a good one, with a brilliantly lit flashlight, alarm, a disable pin; they’re sure to have the ideal perfect secret weapon. Chances are you’ll never need to use such a device, but, if you do, you’ll be at the ready.